Global Lipids Genetics Consortium (GLGC)


This project started in 2006 with a genome-wide association analysis for plasma lipids within the Diabetes Genetics Initiative Study led by D. Altshuler and L. Groop.  With that study as a foundation, we have expanded to include investigators from around the world who have a similar interest in the genetics of plasma lipids.  The current collaborative research network involves >200 investigators from more than 80 institutions.  Key collaborators have included;  1) G. Abecasis, M. Boehnke, and C. Willer (US); 2) K. Mohlke (US); 3) E. Boerwinkle, S. Rich, B. Psaty, L.A. Cupples (US); 4) P. Deloukas (UK); 5) O. Melander and M. Orho-Melander (Sweden); 6) M. McCarthy (UK); and 7) E. Ingelsson (Sweden).  The Genomics Platform at the Broad Institute, led by S. Gabriel, has performed the bulk of the genotyping and sequencing for our genetic studies on plasma lipids.