Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium (MIGen)


This project started in 1997 when we worked with Dr. Chris O’Donnell to recruit patients hospitalized at MGH with early MI (men<50 and women<60 with MI).  With that collection as a foundation, we have expanded to include collaborators from around the world who have a similar interest in the genetics of early-onset heart attack.  Key collaborators have included:  1) C. O’Donnell (US); 2) D. Altshuler (US); 3) D. Siscovick and S. Schwartz (US); 4) V. Salomaa (Finland); 5) O. Melander (Sweden); 6) D. Ardissino, P.A. Merlini, S. Duga, R. Asselta, and P.M. Mannucci (Italy); 7) R. Elosua and J. Marrugat (Spain); 8) H. Watkins, M. Farrall, A. Goel (U.K.); 9) N. Samani (U.K.); 10) H. Schunkert and J. Erdmann (Germany); 11) Panos Deloukas (U.K.); 12) J. Danesh (U.K.); 13) R. McPherson (Canada); 14) M. Reilly, D. Saleheen, D. Rader (US); and 15) J. Wilson (US).  The Genomics Platform at the Broad Institute, led by S. Gabriel, has performed the bulk of the genotyping and sequencing for our genetic studies on myocardial infarction.